Song lyric translation into English

Get into the groove…get into English

Struggling to write songs in English? Not too sure if your lyrics are hip or really sound English? Need someone to give you feedback on your pronunciation? I’ll help you with this and loads more…if you’re into English and into writing songs in English…then let me help you get into the groove


Who I am:


What I offer:

  • lyric translation, Dutch into English: finding it hard to say what you want, to really express your thoughts and feelings in English? Let me translate them Into English for you!
  • lyric-correction: send me your lyrics and I’ll correct them for you and explain why, so you can improve - click here for an example
  • clarification: if something isn’t clear, I’ll help you to really say what you mean by asking the right questions
  • analysis: general linguistic analysis of your lyrics                
  • feedback - click here for example
  • tips - click here for example
  • help with lyric-writing:

            - vocabulary expansion
            - cadence
            - rhyme
- fluency
- groove up your lyrics

  • spoken English: pronunciation, fluency, accent, etc.


How I work with you:


I offer a personalized, flexible approach. Whether you want me to meet up with you and explain things to you in person, or if you just want to send me your lyrics to translate/correct by email. We can even Skype if you don’t live in the area…perfect for working on your spoken English! I can even come and watch/listen to you sing at a band practice/gig and give you feedback on your English the spot!

In summary:

  • in person
  • Internet:

            - email
- chat
- video-conference (Skype, Messenger, etc.)
- by phone


Translations:                                                                                                 €37.50/hour
Correction/clarification/feedback/tips:                                                      €25.00/hour
Help with lyric-writing:                                                                                  €25.00/hour
Spoken English:                                                                                           €30.00/hour

All stated prices are excluding VAT (BTW).


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