Translation Into English

Language pairs

Into English – unsurprisingly – only offers translations into English; the language pairs I offer are:
Dutch              -> English
Spanish         -> English

Areas of expertise

I translate all types of content, except legal and some technical texts (e.g. engineering, medical). Past translation content and areas of expertise include:

  • commerce/business
  • management
  • education & research
  • coaching & training
  • (intercultural) communication
  • language & linguistics
  • psychology
  • philosophy
  • social sciences
  • spirituality
  • the arts
  • entertainment/the media
  • viticulture 
  • mining


Form, volume & duration

Apart from subtitling, I work with all forms of content regardless of volume and duration; whether you have a single project in the form of an application letter, regular company web text updates or a 400-page novel, I will happily accept the work!


Since all translation projects are unique and quotes are tailor-made, delivery time and form will be agreed upon with the client and stipulated in the project quote. I work with most common digital formats/extensions and obviously work can also be delivered in printed form.

For Rates,

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