Native English Language Expertise

For the love of English, no more double Dutch!

Bad translations and poor English language usage in general can be hilarious for the native English-speaking public. However, whether you’re an esteemed university, top multinational, start-up company, etc., this could spell disaster for you and clearly undermine your professional image. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, unequivocally supports this view in his appeal to translators:

“Translation scholars are wholly justified in rejecting translations that are not into one’s native language (…). One writes, as it were, “with an accent”: the text, at the very least, will feel strange or unnatural to the intended reader. In extreme cases, the translation will read like the all too familiar user manuals of various appliances: ranging from the hilarious to complete gibberish.”

(Source: ).

It’s a fallacy that all the Dutch can speak good English. As a native English speaker, qualified and experienced English teacher and experienced translator/interpreter, I should know! I am also reminded of the fact on a daily basis by the suspect subtitling on Dutch television, not to mention what passes for English on the ‘English’ pages of Dutch company websites.

I love my native language, English, and funnily enough, so does most of the native English-speaking population! You could say I’m really ‘Into English’. So please, if you wish to be taught English by an experienced English language expert, and if you want your translations into English to be a faithful and accurate rendition of the original content, to fully capture the intricacies and subtleties of your concepts and ideas and to skilfully convey the sense and spirit of your message… then for the love of English, choose a native speaker to translate into English, choose…Into English!

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