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In light of globalisation and the fact that English is the world’s lingua franca, many students and professionals are interested in studying and improving their English language competency abroad. Specifically, in terms of enrolling in an international degree programme taught in English, whether at undergraduate or post-graduate level, a good command of the English language is required. Indeed, a prerequisite for admission at undergraduate level to both British and commonwealth universities, as well as many international programmes in countries worldwide – including the Netherlands – is passing the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination with a 6.0 minimum score. Although at American universities in the States and abroad the TOEFL examination system is used, equivalent IELTS scores are internationally-recognised and accepted regarding English language proficiency requirements for admission.

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What is IELTS examination preparation & training?

A good command of English is by no means a guarantee for passing the IELTS examination. The practical aspects and technicalities of the IELTS examination, for example the examination structure, understanding the focus of each separate task and question-formulation, require both a great deal of insight and practice; equally, a clear exam-strategy is crucial in order to be able to pass the exam.

Into English is an expert in the field of preparing clients for the IELTS examination. Utilising a broad range of cutting-edge materials published by IELTS, we offer tailor-made IELTS preparation and training. Not only in terms of the academic English language content for all four language skills, but also the training and preparation is specifically geared towards becoming competent in the inherent practicalities and strategies of the IELTS examination.

Into English is the key to your success!

Into English is highly-experienced and qualified

More than 15 years English-teaching experience, England, France, Chile and the Netherlands, underpinned by several teaching and coaching qualifications have enabled me to fine-tune my pedagogical and didactic competencies. I have taught students/clients of all language levels and age groups, with enormously varied cultural and professional backgrounds, in many types of education settings  and utilising the broadest range of materials, media and teaching/assessment methods  e.g., IELTS, TEFL, TOEFL, Cambridge, CEFR, etc.

Who is IELTS examination training & preparation for?

  • Dutch undergraduate, Master’s and PhD students wishing to study abroad or enrol in a study programme taught in English
  • International undergraduate, Master’s or PhD students wishing to study in the Netherlands/enrol in a Dutch university undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme.
  • Professionals and academics who wish to improve academic English language skills required for their work in an international context and/or in order to maximise international career opportunities.
  • Master’s and PhD students who wish to improve and consolidate their command of the English language for the purpose of (international) research, writing dissertations/theses or publishing scientific articles and academic reports.
  • Professionals/business people who on the one hand, wish to improve both their English language skills, in terms of language content such as grammar and vocabulary, as well as the acquisition of language-learning strategies. On the other hand,  who wish to gain an insight into the intricacies and interchange of all four language skills. This with a view to improving their international business communication and consolidating international relations.


  • Native English speaker (educated in Australia & England)
  • Highly-experienced and qualified teacher, trainer & coach
  • Highly-experienced in the field of IELTS examination preparation & teaching
  • Up-to-date IELTs materials
  • Dynamic and varied work forms
  • Flexible: in terms of planning and travel


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