Integral English voice over service & recording studio

Are you looking for a versatile, male or female native English-speaking (and singing!) voice over?
Do you need a professional and integral voice over service, including voice over, professional audio recording service, English voice over script revision & correction?

Then Into English is perfect for all your voice over needs! Whether you need a voice over for a corporate promotional video, for your website, for radio & film and all other products, Into English provides the full range of voice over services.

Into English offers 3 free samples per voice over job, so that the client is able to check the quality of our work and indicate what type of voice he/she prefers; this to ensure complete satisfaction.

Why not listen to a demo and judge the quality of our work for yourself? Press ‘play’ on the audio player for an RP (Received Pronunciation) English demo;

Demo Voice Over

For a sample of more different styles and accents, please click on the audio links below:

Demo - Cockney

Demo - Australian

Demo - Lazy

Demo - Upbeat

Demo - Intellectual

Why choose Into English’s voice over service?


  • Native English speaker
  • Own professional audio recording facilities
  • Male and female voice overs
  • We offer 3 free samples per job: to enable the client to make a choice between the type of voice and ensuring complete satisfaction
  • RP British (comparable with ‘ABN’ in terms of the Dutch language), Australian, Irish, Scottish and other British accents
  • Versatile: full-range of English speaking voices and pronunciations e.g. formal/informal, upbeat, intellectual, etc.
  • Pleasant, warm, clear voices
  • Professionally-trained voices
  • Speaking & singing (semi-professional singer)


  • Promotional/corporate videos
  • TV & narration
  • Films
  • Multimedia
  • Websites and more…!

For who?

  • Media companies
  • Production companies
  • Marketing & communication departments
  • Radio & TV channels
  • Other voice over companies

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