Language Tuition

Language Tuition is for individuals or small groups who require personalised, focussed and high-impact language teaching.

For example, you could be a PhD student who has to write a thesis in English and you need specific guidance regarding your academic writing skills. Or perhaps you’re a business person whose company had just merged with an international company and you need to brush up on your oral skills to be able to communicate adequately with your new multinational colleagues. Or maybe you’re a musician and you want to improve both your English pronunciation and lyric-writing skills. 

If taking a standard English course or module at a language institute and/or being taught by non-native or inexperienced teachers just doesn’t meet your requirements, then why not try Into English’s Language Tuition?

In summary:

  • qualified and experienced native English teacher
  • personalised, focussed and high-impact
  • for individuals or small groups
  • private or companies
  • open or in-company (groups)
  • all target groups (business people, technical experts, students, etc.)
  • all types of topics (e.g. business, technical, financial, etc.)
  • all types of content & contexts (meetings, presentations, negotiations, etc.)
  • all language areas
  • all language levels

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