English Language Training

English Language Training is for groups and focuses on improving the 4 skills, utilising a function and context-based approach. Workshops are tailored to meet your particular needs and are highly-interactive and experience-oriented.

For example, your sales team is travelling abroad and has to deliver its sales pitch in English. To ensure a first-class pitch, team members will need to practise and improve their oral and written skills, which includes aspects such as vocabulary & idiom, grammar, style, pronunciation, fluency, etc. Or imagine that as a senior HR consultant, you have been put in charge of the selection process for new international recruits, including interviewing in English; by means of preparing specific vocabulary & idiomatic expressions, doing role-plays and receiving feedback, you can be certain of being much better prepared.

In summary:

  • qualified and experienced native English trainer
  • focus on improving the 4 skills: listening + speaking, reading + writing
  • function & context-based approach
  • highly-interactive and experience-oriented
  • for groups (min. 6 and max. 15 participants)
  • private or companies
  • open or in-company (groups)
  • all target groups (business people, technical experts, students, etc.)
  • all types of topics (e.g. business, technical, financial, etc.)
  • all types of content & contexts (meetings, presentations, negotiations, etc.)
  • all language areas
  • all language levels

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