About Into English

Into English was founded in 2009 out of a desire to radically improve the quality of translations from Dutch into English currently on offer in the Netherlands and to bridge the gap in the Spanish-into-English translation market. Equally, Into English provides innovative and personalised native English-language tuition, training and consultancy to individuals or companies & organisations.

Having been educated solely in English-speaking countries (Australia and England), my native language is English. Since my parents are Dutch, I was brought up bilingually, and having lived and worked in the Netherlands for the last 9 years, my Dutch is fluent. Prior to living in the Netherlands, I also lived and worked in Chile for 7 years, and consequently my Spanish is also fluent.

I am a qualified and experienced teacher and translator, with more than 15 years combined experience in both fields. I also have a B.A. Honours in French (including translation modules).
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